Marijke Kingma is an Australian creative working from her studio located on the west coast of Victoria.

My diverse portfolio is the result of utilising my talents across both the fashion and print media industries. Working at various times (and often concurrently) as a stylist, art director, illustrator, print designer, fashion designer, trend forecaster and editorial contributor, I'm consistently confused about what to write as my occupation on immigration forms.

A dedication to clean, commercial design, colour and composition runs clearly through my work whilst my passion for the romantic and theatrical becomes apparent in my styling, dress ups and my hand made creations.

Another cornerstone of who I am as a creative is my ongoing quest for knowledge of both fashion and cultural history, via my 'quality hoarding' of antique and vintage treasures, supplies, books and daily delving into Wikipedia. I'm adamant you have to know where a trend has it's roots before you can begin to find your own, original voice in an increasingly competitive market.

I strive for my work to be commercial and on trend however it's strength definitely lies in it's referential, vintage appeal and more than ever I aspire to create work that has longevity, with an eye on both reducing the impact of my work on the planet (and it's people) and the emerging sharing economy of the future.


email  :  marijkekingma365@gmail.com

call  :  +61 423 676 056

instagram  :   _marijkekingma_

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